Telemarketing to Build Your Brand

In the digital world of Business Development, Automated Marketing and AI, picking up the phone and calling a potential customer might appear to some downright archaic! The reality though is that Telemarketing when done professionally by expert Telemarketers is an optimal way of Brand building, gaining invaluable market insights and kick-starting the sales cycle.

A skilful, knowledgeable, and engaging Telemarketing call is an excellent way of introducing your organisation to a new potential customer. The Telemarketer is your Brand Ambassador, creating a compelling first impression that sets in motion the beginning of a relationship. It makes your Brand human and real and compliments your digital marketing activity.

It’s a great opportunity to explain exactly what you do, where you are positioned in the market and how your services or products can be of value to the customer. As these calls are generally to B2B customers the objective is not to sell, business doesn’t happen like that, it’s about nurturing and agreeing a next step, whether that’s an appointment for a salesperson to call or meet, to send some information about what you do or to arrange to get in touch at a future date when that customer might be ready for your offering.

In addition to the prospect of creating new business opportunities, Telemarketing provides an effective and accurate barometer to market conditions and customer intelligence. Direct conversations with decision makers will inform you of customer behaviour patterns, market trends and motivations and can help guide your business strategy. Discovering what stage of the buying journey a customer is on, will help you customise content that will help nurture and develop the relationship.

The fundamental component in achieving successful telemarketing in this way however is to have first-class telemarketers. It’s a job that demands competence and maturity, the Telemarketer has seconds to get across your message concisely and clearly otherwise the call will end, sadly unsuccessfully.

If you’d like to have a chat about how our Telemarketing team can help you unlock opportunities we’d be delighted to have a chat.