Connecting Creativity Through Video Conferencing

The ability to connect, collaborate, and create without the constraints of distance has become a vital component of business success. For RVLV video conferencing has been the catalyst that has reshaped and dramatically expanded our reach.

Eliminating Geographical Barriers

Before the era of video conferencing, our Agency’s ability, as was the case with many businesses, to engage with clients was often limited by geographical boundaries. With projects scattered across the country and even internationally, coordinating meetings and maintaining meaningful lines of communication was a logistical challenge.

Post the pandemic the game changed. The need for physical proximity disappeared, allowing us to connect with clients irrespective of their location. This newfound connectivity has opened doors to a diverse clientele across the globe with unique needs and market demands.

Take the Website we produced for USA professional skier Cody Townsend. For much of our collaboration, Cody was undertaking his intrepid project ‘The Fifty’, attempting to climb and ski the fifty classic descents of North America. Although he was often halfway up a mountain, our communication was possible via Zoom, allowing us to coordinate the project and get it delivered.

Global Collaboration Made Effortless

Collaboration is the heart of our marketing and design projects. Video conferencing enables our team to collaborate seamlessly, whether we’re brainstorming creative ideas, reviewing design drafts, or addressing client feedback. Real-time screen sharing with digital applications such as Figma, facilitate brainstorming and collaboration, making the design process smoother and more efficient.

The 5-hour time difference we encountered with our client Finenti, a leading accountancy practice in Austin, Texas was a seamless experience during all phases of the website design, development, and brand process. Regular contact enabled us to form a close working relationship and dive deep into their vision, to understand exactly how they wanted to communicate with their clients, allowing us to create the design direction they wanted.

Everyone’s a Winner

The obvious advantage of video conferencing is cost-effectiveness and sustainabilty. Reduced travel expenses, lower overhead and increased efficiency all contribute to cost savings that benefit both our clients and us as well, also everyone’s carbon footprint gets reduced. Being able to produce design collateral for the Hong Kong team of our client London European Securities as easily as if they were round the corner means we can be competitive on price and deliver an efficient service.

The Future of Creativity and Collaboration?

Video Conferencing technology is now fundamental in how we do business. We’ll continue to explore and harness the full potential of this technology, not only to expand our reach but to enhance collaboration and drive creativity. There is a caveat however, and that is although technology enables things to happen you still can’t beat sitting across the table from someone in person!

If you have a project you are considering it would be great to have a chat – video, call or in person! Please contact us at or 0203 740 2802