Appointed by Unloc to redesign their dedicated digital platform

Unloc are a leading non-profit organisation, working in over 500 schools and colleges, dedicated to the development, empowerment, and support of young people. Established in 2013, Unloc have a social mission, to empower young people to become changemakers, entrepreneurs, and young leaders in their communities.

Through engaging and interactive bootcamps, masterclasses, workshops, and seminars, Unloc deliver empowering programmes that develop young people’s potential and create platforms for them to grow.

We’re thrilled to have been appointed by Unloc to redesign their dedicated digital platform, a unique hybrid e-learning platform helping students aged 11-19 to explore a wide range of courses, developing their knowledge and understanding around four key pillars, from the comfort of their home. Our work will be centred around the goal of transforming the design to match the premium online learning platform Unloc provides.