• Brand name creation
  • Brand and identity design
  • Packaging design
  • Campaign design
  • Communication

Our brief was to bring this new brand to life and to demonstrate it in a range of impactful visual settings, targeted at the dermatological and consumer market.

Our intention was to stake a claim for the brand, helping to clarify differences that would prove imperative in helping customers understand why the brand is the right choice for their skincare needs.

It was key to bring to the forefront the unique qualities and differentiators of the product, themes such as its natural, restorative and sustainable properties that would define the brand identity and positioning.

Our ambition was to create a name and identity that is subtly associated with the care and treatment being offered, and is also able to provide a platform to emphasise separate taglines to develop compelling brand messaging.

Brand name and evocative identity creation
Designs for product packaging
External advertising campaign design